How clients can benefit
from a Retained Assignment

After 10 years of recruiting in our chosen fields Arcon’s Director, Matt Bender, saw the need to introduce a new tailored recruitment structure that will provide a unique alternative to the age old recruitment model. Working with both our candidates and clients we have now formed our highly regarded Retain Assignment services.

This structure offers many benefits not only to our clients but also our candidates ensuring positive outcomes for all. The following details just a few of these benefits

Cost effective alternative with a flat fee system ensuring our clients are able to forecast their recruitment costs

Tailored service where Arcon seek to connect with key stakeholders within our clients offices whom are able to provide us with any in-depth understanding of the key components of each role

Unique marketing alternative  allowing Arcon to work far more affectively in attracting attention from the industries best

This structure has already saved many of our clients considerable amounts of time and money and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the details in more depth.

To review a copy of our Terms and Conditions associate with this service please contact us.

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Our flexible recruitment processes provide substantial benefits to both our candidates and clients alike.